Urban Social Geography: Contemporary Issues

Key themes in contemporary urban social geography


The course discusses the key themes and trends in contemporary urban social geography. In-class lectures focus on segregation, daily mobility, criminality, suburbanization and other topics, allowing to compare research from Prague with other European cities. The course also offers two field trips (to a housing estate and a suburb of Prague), on which the students’ work is based. The emphasis of the course is on reading and discussion as well as on own field work and its presentation. Participation and co-operation of Czech and Erasmus as well as urban geographers and students of other disciplines is encouraged, giving the opportunity for networking and exchange of ideas across countries and fields of study. Completion of previous courses in urban geography is not required.


Summer term 2017/2018: Thursdays 9 a.m., room Z1 in Albertov 6

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Date Topic Lecturer/ Exercises 
1 22. 2.
Prague as an urban laboratory
Introduction to the course, requirements
Martin Ouředníček
Adam Klsák
2 1. 3. Neighborhood and community within the city - cancelled Petra Špačková
3 8. 3. Daily mobility within the city Lucie Pospíšilová
4 15. 3. Residential mobility and segregation Martin Ouředníček
5 22. 3. Urban planning in contemporary cities Dorota Jopek
6 29. 3.
Test I
Research project methodology discussion
Martin Ouředníček, Petra Špačková
7 5. 4. TBA  Guest
8 12. 4. Urban revitalisation, gentrification Lucie Pospíšilová
9 18. 4. (WED) Field trip: Jižní město  
10 26. 4. Housing estates Petra Špačková, Jiří Nemeškal
11 3. 5. Suburbanisation Martin Ouředníček
12 10. 5. Crime and safety in the city Jana Jíchová
13 17. 5.
Field trip: Suburbs of Prague
Test II
Martin Ouředníček, Petr Koloušek
  TBA (Exam period) Conference (presentation of research projects) Martin Ouředníček, Petra Špačková, Ivana Přidalová

Course requirements and evaluation criteria

Basic level

  • Total score in tests I and II > 50 %
  • Attendance of at least 7 lectures (excluding Introduction), including compulsory attendance of discussion seminars
  • Timely submission of at least 6 pre-class assignments (submitted via Moodle, annotation of required reading + answers to all questions suggested in Moodle)


  • Same conditions as for basic level plus:
  • Activity and discussion of required readings in class
  • Research project (in pairs)
    • presentation of research plan
    • presentation and discussion of research project at the "USG II conference"
    • research paper


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From lectures: Test



Exercise: Team work

Exercises - work in teams


 Field trip to Černý Most housing estate:

Field trip Černý Most