Disclosure of historic spatial and statistical data in GIS environment

Research Team Leader: 
Doc. RNDr. Martin Ouředníček, Ph.D.
Funded by: 
Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic
historical data

The project provides an access to cultural heritage of historic cartographic and statistical data and scientific texts to a broad community of users, allows the application of research results in education which is based on understanding of national and regional identity and culture. It uses GIS and the internet to present bilingually (in Czech and English) historical development of regions in the Czech Republic aiming at wide target groups of students, experts, compatriotic societies and in teaching of Bohemian studies and demographic, historic, politic and geographic contexts of development of Czech population in the period from the establishment of Czechoslovakia to the present. It thus contributes to a systematic and efficient use of modern technologies in social sciences in educational process in the Czech Republic as well as on a global scale and strengthens the awareness of Czech history within the international community. The aim of project is the disclosure of historic and statistical data in GIS environment. This requires digitization of state, regional and districts borders, as they existed in the years1921-2011, for the present territory of the Czech Republic and cadastral areas in Prague. Files in shp format will enable statistical and cartographic analyses of historical data using GIS tools. The statistical database will be loaded with the data of all previous population censuses on the district level and on the level of cadastres in Prague. Historical population trends and development of ethnic, linguistic, demographic and social structure of the Czech population in the period 1921-2011 will be presented in the form of specialized maps, Historical atlas of population and exhibition and will constitute an important basis of the decision-making process of the state and regional authorities. A further objective is application of project results at all levels of education, presentation at international conferences and scientific publications.



Mgr. Peter Svoboda

Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science
Department of Social Geography and Regional Development 
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Czech Republic

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