Dynamics of social environment and spatial mobility in metropolitan regions of the Czech Republic

Research Team Leader: 
Doc. RNDr. Martin Ouředníček, Ph.D.
Funded by: 
Czech Science Foundation
spatial mobility
social environment
metropolitan regions

The project dealt with the development of large metropolitan regions in the Czech Republic in the context of global and regional processes changing contemporary urban Europe. Investigation was focused on comparative research of metropolitan areas of post-socialist cities, namely on outer parts of the cities (housing estates and suburbs). Specific aim was put on dynamics of social environment, influenced by various kinds of spatial mobility: (i) migration; (ii) commuting and (iii) daily rhythms, which jointly change functions of localities within the post-socialist metropolitan regions. Residential suburbanisation and transformation of housing estates were the core research areas. We employed data from three population censuses (1991-2001-2011), individual migration data (1992-2012) and data from mobile phones. Main results of the project were articles in peer-reviewed journals with impact factor, chapters in a book, edited book, specialised maps and realisation of an exhibition, a workshop and an international conference.


Main outcomes:

Specialized maps



RNDr. Jana Jíchová, Ph.D., project coordinator

Charles University, Faculty of Science

Department of Social Geography and Regional Development

Albertov 6, Praha 2, 128 43

Czech Republic

Tel: +420 221 951 970

e-mail: jana.jichova@natur.cuni.cz