Socioeconomic analysis of municipal district Prague 1

Research Team Leader: 
RNDr. Jana Temelová, Ph.D.
Funded by: 
Municipal district Prague 1, Vodičkova 18, Praha 1
socioeconomic analysis

Aim of cooperation

Analysis of long term trends in population shrinking of Prague 1 and recommendation of optimal steps towards increasing the quality of life and residential attractiveness of Prague 1.

Research objectives

The study aims to evaluate demographic and migration trends in Prague 1 and to analyze the structure of population and quality of life for people living in the area of Municipal district Prague 1.

Specific research objectives

1. Population development
- long term population development
- estimation of the difference between de facto and de jure population
- analysis of migration and natural population movement

2. Development of population structure
- development of age distribution and educational structure
- development of population structure by marital status
- development of household structure
- number and structure of foreigners

3. Structure of housing stock
- development of permanently occupied dwellings and houses
- new residential construction
- housing structure and price level
- functional use of buildings in case study areas

4. Quality of life of inhabitants
- analysis of indigenous factors enhancing living conditions in the area
- evaluation of service facilities and their accessibility for different social groups
- evaluation of people's satisfaction with living in the area
- identification of groups of people with restricted access to services
- evaluation of safety and environment
- analysis of fluctuation and stabilization of population

5. Possibilities of attraction and stabilization of population
- future development of population in the area
- possibilities of attraction and stabilization of selected groups of people

Research team

RNDr. Jana Temelová, Ph.D.,

RNDr. Martin Ouředníček, Ph.D.


RNDr. Jana Temelová, Ph.D.,

Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science
Department of Social Geography and Regional Development 
Albertov 6, Praha 2, 128 43
Czech Republic