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CATference 2022 in Budapest

We attended the 9th International Urban Geographies of Post-Communist States Conference (CATference). The Budapest CATference was held at the Danube waterfront campus of Eötvös Loránd University and was followed by a 2-days post-conference field trip. 

Members of our team took part in the following papers:

  • Nina Dvořáková: Prague suburbs – History and present
  • Slavomíra Ferenčuhová, Marie Horňáková, Jana Kočková: “It depends on how much coronavirus there is at the moment…” – Residents’ perspective on the large housing estates (LHEs) during the covid-19 pandemics in three Czech cities
  • Niloufar Ghafouriazar & Dilnoza Tasheva: Revisiting residential satisfaction in a post-socialist city – the case of Prague, Czech Republic
  • Pavel Frydrych: Changes in children’s rhythms of everyday life during the COVID-19 pandemic in a small town in the Prague metropolitan area
  • Kadi Kalm, Petra Špačková, Jan Sýkora, Ondřej Špaček: Housing estates’ trajectories in post-socialist countries – Similarities and differences of Estonian and Czech cities
  • Adam Klsák: Ethnic turns of one capital – The non-Czech population of Prague in its modern history
  • Jiří Nemeškal & Martin Ouředníček: Disruption of long-term commuting development – the impact of covid-19 on the daily mobility in the Czech Republic and Prague
  • Adela Petrovic & Martin Ouředníček: Changes in the socio-demographic composition and potential gentrification in formerly working-class neighbourhoods of Prague
  • Jan Sýkora, Marie Horňáková, Kirsten Visser, Gideon Bolt: ‘It is natural’ – Sustained place attachment of long-term residents in a gentrifying Prague neighbourhood
CATference 2022CATference 2022 CATference 2022


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