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CATference 2023 in Riga

Our team participated in the (tenth anniversary) Cities After Transition conference, known mainly as CATference. Dozens of researchers working on cities in Central and Eastern Europe met this time in Riga. We were understandably not absent and presented several papers:
  • Petra Špačková: 
    • The Distribution of Ukrainian Refugees in Czechia: Regional Disparities and Absorptive Capacity Analysis (together with Pavlína Netrdová and Daniel Hůle)
    • Tracking the Evolution of Czech Housing Estates (together with Kadi Kalm, Jan Sýkora and Ondřej Špaček).
  • Adam Klsák: Karlovy Vary – turning a “Russian city” into a Ukrainian shelter?
  • Jiří Nemeškal: They’re building, but for whom? The social structure of the inhabitants of new residential areas in Prague.
  • Jiří-Jakub Zévl and Martin Ouředníček: Time-space mobility within Prague’s suburbs: local centers, commuting areas and autonomy of hinterland


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