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European Network for Housing Research Conference

At the turn of August and September 2021, another international conference organised by the European Network for Housing Research took place, this time with the subtitle Unsettled Settlements: Housing in Unstable Contexts. Members of our team presented their papers at the conference! Two papers were presented within the working group “Disadvantaged Urban Neighborhoods and Communities”. Kadi Kalm presented the paper “Various housing estates’ trajectories in post-socialist cities: does the socialist legacy still matter?”, which she is currently working on together with her colleagues Petra Špačková, Jan Sýkora and Ondřej Špaček.  Jan Sýkora and Marie Horňáková presented the paper “‘It is natural’: life course as a key element of long-term residents’ place attachment in a gentrifying Prague neighbourhood”, on which they worked together with Kirsten Visser and Gideon Bolt from the University Utrecht. 


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