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New papers with a focus on residential segregation

Two new papers by Martin Šimon, Ivana Křížková and Adam Klsák with a focus on residential segregation were published recently. The papers use newly available register-based data on foreign citizens’ residence in Czechia that were aggregated to spatial grid and used dissimilarity index as a widely used measure of segregation. Although the both papers are in Czech, they also contain an English summary and abstract. The Geografie paper looks at the development of spatial residential distribution of six major immigrant groups, based on citizenship, in selected Czech large cities. The article published in Urbanismus a územní rozvoj deals with these immigrant groups in Czechia as a whole and introduces the innovative method of measuring segregation using multilevel individualised neighbourhoods. Basic results show a dominant trend of decreasing segregation between the majority and immigrant groups. The slow and constant increase in immigrant population in Czechia thus does not lead to clear segregation patterns, except in some specific areas. The papers were supported by funding from the Czech Science Foundation for the project Residential segregation and mobility of foreign citizens: analysis of neighbourhoods, housing trajectories, and neighbourhood context and the latter paper was also co-authored by Renáta Mikešová and Yana Leontiyeva.


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