Venue and Location


Charles University was founded in 1348, making it the oldest university in Central Europe and one of the oldest universities in the world. With 17 faculties and numerous other parts, it is the largest Czech university. Faculty of Science also has long and rich history. It has celebrated 90 years of existence in 2010. The Faculty of Science is based in Albertov, which is the place where the Velvet revolution started in November 1989.


For location of the Faculty of Science campus, see map.

The conference venue is located in Albertov 6, within the Faculty of Science campus (no. 1 in the map):





Prague has a very good system of public transportation operating well even at night, which makes it a preferred way of transport. Please note that the CATference fee INCLUDES ticket for Prague public transportation for all conference days (Wednesday-Saturday). The CATference public transport tickets will be distributed to conference participants at registration.

Regular tickets to the public transportation cost 24 CZK (approximately 1 EUR; valid for 30 minutes) or 32 CZK (approximately 1,25 EUR; valid for 90 minutes). If you plan to use the public transportation several times a day, it may be budget-wise to buy a one-day ticket (110 CZK/approximately 4 EUR; valid for 24 hours) or a three-day ticket (310 CZK/approximately 12 EUR; valid for 72 hours). Tickets can be bought in newsstands, local grocery stores or vending machines on tram stops or in metro stations. Beware that the fine for not having the valid ticket is high (1500 CZK/approximately 54 EUR or 800 CZK/approximately 28 EUR if you pay on the spot). 
Using the Internet, you can easily find your connection on (the official website of Prague Transportation).



Although you can get a taxi easily on the street, it is usually better (=less expensive) to call a verified company and order your ride by phone. (Although there may be a longer waiting time on Friday and Saturday nights.)

You can contact:
• AAA Radiotaxi - +420 222 333 222 or +420 729 33 11 33 
• Modrý anděl - +420 737 222 333 
• Rychlá želva - +420 244 911 111



If you want to travel by car while you stay in Prague, be aware of the major road reconstruction which takes place in the summer which can complicate your journey.

Moreover, there is a system of parking zones in the wider city centre. The blue zone is reserved to residents and you cannot park your car there anytime. The green (long-term, up to 6 hours, usually 30 CZK per hour) and orange (short-term, up to 2 hours, usually 40 CZK per hour) zones are designated for visitors and you will have to pay there for most of the time. The parking is usually free in the evenings and the weekends. See the signs (usually on the beginning of the street) which indicate the times when to pay.

parking zone sign



   Po-Pá = Monday to Friday

   Po-So = Monday to Saturday

   Po-Ne = Monday to Sunday



If you do not succeed to park your car correctly, your car may be towed away (especially if you park in the blue zone)! If it happens to you, call the police (156) or check the website to find out where your car was towed to. Beware that the price for the tow-away is high (approximately 1500 CZK / 60 EUR) and you may be expected to pay the fine for violation of traffic rules as well.

If you come to a pub by car and you want to drink alcohol beverages, it is better to order the service which takes you and your car back to the hotel (the price is more or less the same as the taxi). In the Czech Republic, the law is strict and there is no alcohol allowed while driving.

You can contact:
• Modrý anděl - +420 737 222 333 
• Rychlá želva - +420 244 911 111
Both companies operate a taxi service as well.



There is plenty of interesting sites to visit both within Prague and in its surroundings. You can find tips for sightseeing for example here or some interesting suggestions from locals here.