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2024 AAG Annual Meeting Honolulu

At the end of April, the Annual AAG Meeting took place in Honolulu (Hawaii). The themes of this year’s AAG connected meeting and academic offerings to the ecologies, history, and cultures of the host location in Hawai‘i, affirming the interconnectedness of place and beings here and around the world. These themes shaped keynotes and special events during the meeting. The three main themes were:
  • Reciprocal Scholarship
  • Colonialism and Resources
  • Recovery and Restoration
Two members of our research lab attended this year’s AAG, Jiří Nemeškal and Martin Ouředníček. Jiří Nemeškal was part of the session “GeoAI and Deep Learning Symposium: GeoAI and Social Sensing for Human-Pandemic Dynamics” and presented a paper called “Disruption of long-term commuting development – the impact of Covid-19 on the daily mobility in the Czech Republic.”
A session devoted to the new book Theory and Explanation in Geography (Wiley, 2024)


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