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International conferences in June

In June our team members attended two international conferences.

Eura 2023 in Reykjavik. The European City: A practice of resilience in the face of an uncertain future

  • Martin Ouředníček presented a paper “Contemporary tendencies in migration to small municipalities in Czechia” 
  • Martin Šimon presented a paper “Non-EU migrants in Prague metropolitan region: segregation patterns and its role for coping with migration from Ukraine”, which was prepared in cooperation with Ivana Křížková and Adam Klsák

ENHR 2023 in Lodz. Urban regeneration: shines and shadows

  • Marie Horňáková presented a paper focusing on the long and short-term transformations of HEs from residents’ perspectives. The paper was prepared in cooperation with Slávka Ferenčuhová, Jana Kočková and Petra Špačková
  • Petra Špačková and Jan Sýkora presented a paper “Tracking the evolution of Czech HEs: Unveiling the long-term population shifts from 1970 to 2021” prepared in cooperation with Ondřej Špaček and Kadi Kalm
  • Niloufar Ghafouriazar presented part of her ongoing PhD research exploring housing choices of young families with small children living in a HE in Prague


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