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New BA and MA urban course supported by 4EU+ to start in October 2021

We are proud to reveal that the application for a joint educational project of the Warsaw University, University of Milan and Charles University, where Urrlab team members will also participate, was supported by the 4EU+ funding. The course entitled Urban Regulations and Political Memory: Towards understanding Spatio-Temporal aspects of Urban Development brings together three dimensions: the past (history), the present (law) and the future (geography) of the conditions of the urban development of smart cities in three 4EU+ counties. The course will run from October 2021 until April 2022 and will consist of blended form (virtual and in-person activities including a field trip, workshops, and a conference in Warsaw). Active participation of students by using research-based education work in an international team is foreseen. The course aims at improving data literacy and encouraging students’ critical thinking. Keep an eye on our News feed to find out more soon!


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