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Paper published in Children´s Geographies

PhD student Pavel Frydrych had an article published in the impacted journal Children’s Geographies: Changes in children’s rhythms of everyday life during the COVID-19 pandemic in a small town in the Prague metropolitan area.
The restrictions imposed in response to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic significantly affected people’s everyday life, including those of children. For an extended period, children had to deal with the closure of schools and subsequent online teaching, which disrupted their daily rhythms.
  • This study aimed to determine how children coped with the changes in the rhythms of their everyday life.
  • It provides insight into the diverse coping mechanisms employed by children during challenging times and highlights the importance of rhythm in establishing a sense of normalcy and stability in everyday life.
  • The study is based on semi-structured interviews with children aged 12–17 years living in a small town in the Prague metropolitan area.
  • The results show that the coping strategies adopted in response to the change in baseline rhythm varied greatly among children. Introducing new rhythms into everyday life was a long process, and some children tried to maintain the rhythms created even after returning to classroom teaching.
Read the article here.


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