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Urban Social Geography I: Key Theoretical Approaches


zimní semestr


7 credits (ZS/LS, 2/1, zk, z)

  • The Urban Social Geography I: Key Theoretical Approaches is the first part of the course Urban Social Geography . It is held during the winter semester and introduces the key theoretical approaches within the field of urban geography. In the summer term, the second part, Urban Social Geography II: Contemporary Issues ,  is arranged along the fundamental themes in contemporary urban studies.

    The Urban Social Geography I: Key Theoretical Approachescourse is focused on the variability of research perspectives in urban studies. The key theoretical approaches are selected in the context of the specific development of Central and Eastern European (CEE) urban system and the internal structures of cities within the region. The course offers profound knowledge of spatial patterns, urban processes and developments through the lens of theoretical and methodological concepts from the traditional urban sociology, Chicago school, Marxist and humanistic approaches, time-space geography and social environment theory. The course consists of eleven lectures combined with exercises and two discussion seminars. The main emphasis is on reading, classroom discussion and written assignments of the varying explanatory power of different theoretical concepts and their usefulness for CEE urban studies.



    Date | Topic  | Teacher

    5.10.2023 | Introduction to the course | Adela Petrović

    How to study urban geography | Martin Ouředníček

    12.10.2023 | Classical urban theories | Martin Šimon

    19.10.2023 | No lecture – Geographic Sport Day

    26.10.2023 | Chicago school of urban sociology | Martin Ouředníček

    2.11.2023 | Time geography in urban research | Lucie Pospíšilová

    9.11.2023 | Humanistic approach | Lucie Pospíšilová

    16.11.2023 | Test I. | Adela Petrović

    Theory of structuration and social environment | Martin Ouředníček

    23.11.2023 | Radical political economy, institutional approach | Lucie Pospíšilová

    30.11.2023 | Urban planning (Jane Jacobs film) | Lucie Pospíšilová

    7.12.2023 | Postmodern urban geography | Martin Šimon

    14.12.2023 | Post-socialist paradigm | Martin Ouředníček

    21.12.2023 | Test II. and Discussion seminar | Lucie Pospíšilová & Martin Ouředníček

    TBA | USG Exam | Lucie Pospíšilová & Martin Ouředníček & Adela Petrović

  • Course requirements and evaluation criteria

    Basic level:

    Total score in tests I and II ≥ 50%

    Attendance of at least 7 lectures (excluding Introduction), including compulsory attendance of discussion seminars

    Timely submission of at least 6 pre-class assignments (submitted via Moodle, annotation of required reading + answers to all questions suggested in Moodle)


    Same conditions as for basic level plus:

    Activity and discussion of required readings in class

    Exam – essay

    Note: Completion of previous courses in urban geography is not required.


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