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Disability geography: visually impaired experience with urban space


Grantová agentura České republiky

Project duration

2020 - 2022

Project team leader

Robert Osman

External participants

Robert Osman

Project website

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  • The project studies how visually impaired people experience urban space. By focusing on
    concrete spatial practices, the research problematizes straightforward relationship between
    body and space, by seeing them as mutually constituted, and critically reflects modern city
    configured for able-bodied subjects. It follows the poststructuralist tradition of disability
    geography which concentrates on spatial experience of people with disability, and critically
    reflects the discipline of geography disregarding different bodies. Research with visually
    impaired people thus enriches human geography by trying to conceptualize the visually
    impaired experience of urban space, and also problematizes the issue of visuality as a
    discorporeal phenomenon. The project uses qualitative methods, namely interviews and goalong
    research, which make it possible to find out how visually impaired people learn to
    navigate space, how using different kinds of assisted movement changes their experience of
    urban space, and how their experience reflects visuality.


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