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Geographies of Crip Temporalities: Time in Everydayness of People with Disabilities


Grantová agentura České republiky

Project duration

2023 - 2025

Project team leader

Robert Osman

External participants

Hana Porkertová

Pavel Doboš

Veronika Krotká Kotýnková

Eva Kašparová

Project website

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  • The project studies the relationship between disability and time. It reacts to the fact that geography has viewed disability chiefly through disabling spaces while disabling times have
    been neglected. The project focuses on how time and disability intersect in everyday situations. It asks how people with disability encounter normative conceptions of time and what alternative temporalities they create. The analysis uses the perspective of ‘crip temporalities’ and the critical concept of ‘chrononormativity’, which show the everydayness of people with disabilities as being confined by time normatives but also as liberated from these normatives. The project is built on qualitative research methods—in-depth interviews, diaries and focus groups, exploring the everyday temporalities of people with various disabilities. The main contributions are the interconnection of crip temporalities and disability geography, the development of disability studies in the Czech Republic, articulation of hitherto overlooked forms of ableism and the emancipation of ab-normal temporalities.

  • The project has three objectives:

    (i) to understand the ways in which the chrononormativity of Czech society and disabilities intersect

    (ii) to express crip temporalities as affirmative and subversive;

    (iii) and to develop disability geography in the context of the Czech Republic.


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