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We have completed the Final Report for the START project!

We have successfully completed one of the outcomes of the project START (START Programme) – the Final Report, which links and summarises all the results of this project. The project and the report share the same title: ‘What about your locality? Life-course differences in experiencing and perceiving residential neighbourhoods. The project officially ended at the end of March 2023, and all four researchers Pavel Frydrych, Niloufar Ghafouriazar, Marie Horňáková and Jan Sýkora worked on the project and this Final Report. The project aimed to examine how various residential groups experience, perceive and are satisfied with their neighbourhoods. Specifically, we analysed individuals’ functional and emotional links to residential surroundings in different life-course stages living in different neighbourhoods. The groups included older children from the suburbs, young families from housing estates, and older adults from the gentrifying inner city. This allowed us to examine the topic from various perspectives leading to a comprehensive knowledge of the complex person-place relation.   In Final Report, we posed the following research questions:
  • How do distinct life-course groups living in different neighbourhood types experience and perceive their neighbourhoods?
  • How are residents functionally and emotionally attached to their neighbourhoods?
  • Which are the factors that influence the residents’ attachment to their neighbourhoods?
You can read the whole report here.


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