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Program STAR v našem týmu!

Application for STARS scholarships for PhD studies is now open and our team offers two positions!

The STARS scholarship provides fully funded PhD positions, guaranteeing high-quality education and ample financial support for students enrolled in the Faculty of Science’s doctoral programs. The primary aim of the STARS program is to attract exceptional students, both from international locations and within the Czech Republic. Students enrolled in the STARS program can expect a monthly stipend of at least 20,500 CZK (around 800 EUR). Importantly, the actual income may exceed this minimum amount, depending on the specific funding allocated to each individual project.
  • The deadline for the application is the 13th of March.
  • For the upcoming academic year, URRlab within the Geographical Institute offers two PhD positions, linked to a research project focusing on the structure of cities in Central Europe

Bridging urban morphology and community ecology to study the structure, organisation and evolution of cities

A project in collaboration with the dept. of ecology focusing on understanding the ability of community ecology to describe the physical environment of cities and uncover underlying patterns forming the places we live in. The project’s scope will be primarily methodological research leading to developing new techniques, potentially affecting both urban morphology and community ecology, and creating tools to use them. See more details at

Inequality of neighbourhood choice in regions of Central Europe

A project built on a combination of a computational social science based on the recent national censuses combined with additional open data sources, and morphological analysis of the built environment using methods known as urban morphometrics. The former provides a quantitative insight into society’s structure, while the latter quantifies the environment and describes neighbourhood-level housing types from a data-driven built-form typology. This combination allows for a quantitative analysis of the relationship between people and places, leading to the assessment of (in)equality of access to the desired place to live and the capability of different groups to make such a choice. See more at


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