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Understanding intersections of neighbourhood change, marginalisation and racism: a comparative and collaborative research initiative

Centre for Strategic Partnerships - Charles University
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2024 - 2024

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Martin Ouředníček

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Hanna Hilbrandt


This collaborative research proposal between two research teams, URRlab (Urban and Regional Research Laboratory, Charles University) and SURB (Social Geography and Urban Studies, University of Zurich), aims to compare the teams’ insights into the interconnectedness of local-material transformations, socio-spatial inequalities and societal change in Czech and Swiss cities. In particular, the proposed project will foster exchange on ongoing research on the effects of spatial and material neighbourhood change on social dynamics, including racism, alienation and identity formation in gentrifying neighbourhoods in Prague and Zurich.

  • The project builds on an ongoing exchange established through the 6-months fellowship of Adél Petrovic (URRlab, Charles University) at the SURB group (University of Zurich). Through this exchange, the teams have been able to define common lines of interest and possibilities of comparative work focused on the intersections of neighbourhood change, marginalization and racism in (former working class) neighborhoods.


  • Thereby, the proposed exchange will leverage the complementary and diverse methodological and contextual expertise of the research teams. Two on-site workshops will enable collaboration and enrich the research findings.

  • We propose to hold two 1-day workshops in Prague and in Zurich in fall 2024 with four aims:
    1. The workshops will allow the teams to familiarise themselves with the case cities of the partners’ teams. One element of the workshop will be an excursion into the research sites under investigation and a presentation on the social and spatial dynamics in these neighborhoods.
    2. The workshops will permit the researchers to exchange conceptual ideas; discuss and compare findings across their research contexts, enriching the understanding of socio-spatial dynamics and inequalities in both cities.
    3. The workshops will be open to students attending courses provided by the teams to complement their study programme. Students will be able to attend the open seminars the researchers will give.
    4. The workshops serve to discuss further ideas about medium and longer-term partnerships of the two teams. They will provide an opportunity to establish a solid cooperation, which could, from periodic workshops, grow into conferences and publications as outcomes in the following years based on time and topic-wise overlapping projects.

    The workshops will be structured as follows:
    1. Both teams will present their research, focussing in particular on manifestations of social exclusion and racism in local-specific urban and institutional contexts;
    2. The presentations will be followed by small group discussion with students (or plenary discussion in case of wider interest)
    3. The teams will learn about the case cities and the research sites through tours the neighbourhoods;
    4. Following recent efforts into „aposteriori comparison“ (Montero& Baiocchi 2021), the teams will think across their cases;
    5. Panel Discussion and Closing Remarks: Future Directions in Comparative Research.

    Dates of the workshops:

    26-27, September in Prague

    6-7, November in Zürich


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