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Spinning the Web: New Social Contacts of Prague’s Suburbanites


ŠPAČKOVÁ, P., OUŘEDNÍČEK, M. (2012): Spinning the Web: New Social Contacts of Prague's Suburbanites. Cities, 29, č. 5, s. 341-349.


Suburbanization is one of the most important processes changing the nature of metropolitan regions in Europe’s post-socialist countries. This paper evaluates the importance of social contacts of new suburbanites on local level social cohesion and development. The paper employs examples from empirical research into new suburban communities in the Prague metropolitan region of the Czech Republic. Our results show that both internal and external social ties are developing in such newly built areas, which is important for the well-being of both the neighborhood and the municipality. Internal ties foster the social cohesion of a neighborhood, while external ties encourage development of the whole municipality (e.g., via political participation or informal contacts).


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