Jakub Novák

Dufková K.

Ficek M.

Kencl L.

Kouba J.

Gregor I.

Danihelka J.



Rok publikace/Published


Název publikace/Name

Active GSM cell-id tracking: „Where Did You Disappear?“. International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking


DUFKOVÁ, K., FICEK, M., KENCL, L., NOVÁK, J., KOUBA, J., GREGOR, I., DANIHELKA, J. (2008): Active GSM cell-id tracking: "Where Did You Disappear?". International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking. Proceedings of the first ACM international workshop on Mobile entity localization and tracking in GPS-less environments, San Francisco, California, USA, s. 7-12.


Location-based services are mobile network applications of growing importance and variability. The space of location technologies and applications has not yet been fully explored, perhaps omitting some important practical uses. In this work we present the prototype SS7Tracker platform, an active, non-intrusive, GSM Cell-ID-based solution to network-based location tracking, and two novel applications of this technique: network diagnostics based on inroamer tracking and human activity research. We demonstrate the usability and performance limits of the platform on practical tests carried out in a live GSM network. References Ten Trends Influencing the European Mobile Phone Market 2007--2012. In--Stat, Report No. IN0703687WMD, 2007.Google Scholar 3GPP TS 29.002: Mobile Application Part (MAP).Google Scholar Q.700: Introduction to CCITT Signalling System No.7Google Scholar Show All References Index Terms Active GSM cell-id tracking: "Where Did You Disappear?" Networks Network services Network management Network monitoring Comments 34References View Table Of Contents Back Categories Journals Magazines Books Proceedings SIGs Conferences Collections People About About ACM Digital Library Subscription Information Author Guidelines Using ACM Digital Library All Holdings within the ACM Digital Library ACM Computing Classification System Join Join ACM Join SIGs Subscribe to Publications Institutions and Libraries Connect Contact Facebook Twitter Linkedin The ACM Digital Library is published by the Association for Computing Machinery. Copyright © 2021 ACM, Inc. Terms of Usage Privacy Policy Code of Ethics ACM Digital Library home ACM home About Cookies On This Site


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