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Martin Šimon



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Exploring Counterurbanisation in a Post-Socialist Context: Case of the Czech Republic


ŠIMON, M. (2012): Exploring Counterurbanisation in a Post-Socialist Context: Case of the Czech Republic. Sociologia ruralis, 54, č. 2, s. 117–142.


Urban-rural research in post-socialist countries has focused on urban transformation,the impact of international migration and the spread of suburbanisation; little attentionhas been paid to counterurban migration. The aim of this article is to propose a typologyof counterurban migration strategies based on quantitative research in rural areas in theCzech Republic. Firstly, the article discusses the differences and similarities of counter-urbanisation in western and post-socialist countries by bringing together counterurbani-sation and post-socialist research literature. Secondly, detailed information about thecounterurbanisation migration stream is provided on the basis of extensive fieldresearch. Thirdly, the article presents four basic types of counterurbanisation migrationstrategies, two lifestyle-oriented types and two economic-oriented types, based on house-hold motivation, preferences and household employment location. The research dem-onstrates both general and specific features of counterurbanisation stream in the CzechRepublic.


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