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  • The discussion seminar on Contemporary Urban Studies (CUS) is a complementary course to the mandatory urban study courses taught at the Department of Social Geography and Regional Development. The goal of DS is to cover and discuss topics which are not the main focus of conventional urban studies, but that represent new rising challenges for urban areas.

    CUS focuses on the exploration of the phenomena and processes in contemporary cities as well as analyzing and explaining them in their local context and in relationship with different urban actors. Beyond the identification of these elements, the aim of the DS also includes: the deconstruction and understanding of their characteristics, effects and context; to explain the origin (etymology, semantics, historical) and dynamics of these challenges; and (re) consider both the advantages and disadvantages in a wider context.

    The main objective of the DS is to promote critical thinking in students and introduce them to a wider spectrum of urban issues through alternative methods of teaching.

    CUS is an interdisciplinary discussion seminar combining geography, urban governance, sociology, urban planning and economy.

    Practical info

    5 ECTS

    Summer term

    Mondays  from 13:10 to 14:45

    Language of instruction: English

    Lecture room:  PR  (Pravá rýsovna),  Albertov 6, Prague 2; OR online . Please check the course schedule and your email before each class for any changes in the schedule.

    Adaptable for: primarily but not exclusively for bachelor and master students

    SIS code: MZ340V13

    Schedule for 2021/22:

    Date Lecture Teacher
    14.02. Introduction to the course (PR) Martin Ouředníček,

    Adela Petrović,

    Greta Kukeli

    21.02. Urban governance (PR) Adela Petrović
    28.02. Urban form and its influence on our daily life (Online) Greta Kukeli
    07.03. Politics of space – Public Space (PR) Adela Petrović
    14.03. Urban Shrinkage- Managing urban challenges (Online) Greta Kukeli
    21.03. Services in a contemporary urban development (Online) Greta Kukeli
    28.03. Compact city (PR) Adela Petrović
    04.04. Morphological Actors-Who/What shapes our cities? (Online) Greta Kukeli
    11.04. Consumer preferences-led urban transformation (PR) Adela Petrović
    25.04 Innovative approaches to research in urban transformation processes (Online) Adela Petrović,

    Greta Kukeli

    02.05. Quiz (PR) Adela Petrović,

    Greta Kukeli

    09.05. Farewell (PR) Martin Ouředníček,

    Adela Petrović,

    Greta Kukeli

  • Mondays from 13:10 to 14:45

    Language of instruction: English

    Adaptable for: primarily but not exclusively for bachelor and master students


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